Hard Baits

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How are hard fishing lures made?

Hard fishing lures have evolved over the years as new technologies have become available to lure manufacturers. The first hard fishing lures to be made were hand-carved out of wood and were typically made to look like small baitfish. Moving forward, people started making different designs to imitate other species of fish prey. They added modifications to make the wood lures look more realistic. These modifications include and aren't limited to painted patterns, foil wrapping, and glued on eyes. People also started to use metals to make different styles of fishing lures like spoons and blade baits. Later, manufacturers began using machinery to automate the lure blank-making process. Many lure manufacturers today still use classic techniques; for example, the brand S.S. Baits Co makes all their lures by hand out of wood, and Dardevle is still making the classic casting spoons that they made back in the early 1900s.

Most modern hard fishing lures are now made with plastics. The process for a typical hard plastic fishing lure begins with a good design. These designs are made on the computer using software like CAD. After the design is done, the lure blanks have to be made; a machine does this. The blanks come in halves to allow for the addition of rattles in the lure bodies and will need to be chemically bonded by hand with glue. Lastly, the fishing lures will be finished, hooked, and packaged. The advantages to a hard plastic fishing lure over wooden fishing lures are that hard plastic fishing lures are cheap to manufacture and are easier to make a more realistic design. A great company that makes hard plastic fishing lures in the USA is Bay Rat Lures.

What are the different types of hard fishing lures?

There are many different types of hard fishing lures available on the market, and each of them is made to resemble fish prey. The main categories of hard fishing lures are crankbaits, jerk baits, spoons, blade baits, and topwater Lures. Crankbaits and jerk baits come in all sorts of color patterns made to imitate different baitfish species like perch and shad. Spoons and blades are made of metal, and they are made to reflect light, like baitfish scales reflect light in the water. Topwater lures cause disturbances in the water and are made to imitate topwater creatures like frogs and rats.

How do you fish with hard fishing lures?

You can fish hard baits in many different ways depending on the type of hard fishing lure you decide to use, time of year, fishing conditions, and fish species you are targeting. Some of the most popular ways to use hard fishing lures are cranking, trolling, cast/retrieving, ripping, jigging, popping, and walking the dog. Most techniques can only be done using specific types of hard fishing lures for example; Popping and "walking the dog" can only be done when using topwater lures.